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Our Features

Innovative Test Modules

Wide variety of Practice Test Modules designed based on the need and requirement of students after proper analysis. Providing complete coverage for strengthen revision through brain enrichment and exercise.

Comprehensive Question Bank

Our Question Bank database has wide collection of lots of questions and their accurate verified answers created by subject matter expert faculty members. Consistently adding questions in its Banks to enhance its collections as per latest pattern and format of examinations.

Multiple Access of Test

Our Cloud based Test Infrastructure application can be access through any device any web Browser. No software or App needed to download. Its robust and scalable in performance. Supports all major browser like Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Safari etc.

Feedback Mechanism

Get instant assessment of Test with in-depth performance analysis feedback, speed accuracy, identifying weak areas & topics need to focus. Also provides Summarization report for comparison of gradual improvement.

Evaluation & Accuracy

Test results are evaluated instantly and accurately. Access your Result after Test to validate your answers. We analyze speed and time accuracy precisely and provide extensive report of Test results using real time data measured for best, average & worst time accuracy for your response.

Affordable & Quality Oriented

All the Mock Test Products are very affordable in terms of price with Quality Content of Question Banks maintaining level of difficulty and format standard pattern. Flexibility to purchase individual subjects or as a Whole package.

Our Products

CLASS-XI (IITJEE Mains & NEET Test Module)

  • Chapter-Wise Tests
  • Full Module Tests
  • LIVE Tests
  • Rapid-Fire Tests
  • Short-Concise Tests

CLASS-XII (IITJEE Mains & NEET Test Module)

  • Chapter-Wise Tests
  • Full Module Tests
  • LIVE Tests
  • Rapid-Fire Tests
  • Short-Concise Tests

DROPPER (IITJEE Mains & NEET Test Modules)

  • Chapter-Wise Tests
  • Full Module Tests
  • LIVE Tests
  • Rapid-Fire Tests
  • Short-Concise Tests

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Features of Test Taker

Innovintent's Test Application has user friendly Dashboard to perform Test, Access Test Results and several detailed analyzed performance report, communication, and announcements with many more other unique features.

  • Complete Coverage
  • Wide Variety of Test Format
  • Solving with Speed
  • Strengthen Revision
  • Brain Enrichment With Excercise
  • Performance Report Analysis
  • Feedback Mechanishm
  • Perfection with Multiple Practice

Features of Test Author

Innovintent's Cloud Based Web Application of Online Examination Infrastructure provides one of the Best Exam Author/Creator for Educational Institute & Businesses Organizations. Framework allows you to easily create secure online Exams with advanced Exam settings.

  • Secure & Private
  • Easy to define Test settings
  • No software installations required
  • Instant Exam Results 
  • Comprehensive Feedback Analysis
  • Any Device, Any Browser, Any Time
  • Feature-rich Dashboard

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Why Multiple Tests are needed ?

Complete Coverage of Syllabus

Attain Perfections through Practice

Solving with Speed Accuracy

Strengthen Revision

Performance Evaluation & Monitoring

Test Result Analysis

Brain Enrichment Exercise

Focused like Hawk Eye

Comprehensive, Precise & Accurate

No Examination Fear-Build Confidence


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